Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Term 3, Welcome Back

Welcome back to term 3, 2018. I hope you had an awesome holiday and and enjoy being back. Here are some things I had done throughout the holidays.

First on Saturday my mum and I drove over to Christchurch and flew up to New Plymouth to visit my uncle Andy, my aunty Bridgy and my baby cousin Claire, who is 5 months old.


I also went to the mining protest on the Taramakau Bridge opening and I helped at the Grey District library's Mad Hatter's Tea Party. 


  1. Hi Jessica

    Your holidays sound very cool I sort of did the same thing. I am enjoying my time back at school hope you are and hope you blog some more blogs before I know it. Next time try and make sure to check your sentences to make sure they make sense.

    1. Thanks Julian
      I am enjoying my time back at school quite a bit. It is very busy at school right now. I have just fixed up my sentences, Sometimes you don't realise that you made a mistake.


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