Monday, 18 June 2018

My Haybale Problem- DLO

WALT: Figure out the mass without making in with the cubes, Can you find the answer without modelling with rods and paper. We are also making more DLOs for our learning.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018


This term our topic is Baking/cooking. For our second activity you had to write down some recipes you like in the way you would find them in a recipe book. You could work by yourself or in a group and i'm in a group with Caitlyn and Kurt. I hope you enjoy this and maybe try some of these recipes out

Acrostic Poems- Respect

This week in every classroom  we had an activity to do with one of our school values, Respect. In ruma waru we did some acrostic poems about respect.  Here is mine, I hope you enjoy it

Responsibility is taken seriously
Equal rights should be showen
Stand up,  show yourself, don't be scared
Positive behavior
Encouragement to do the right thing
Control yourself
Take the time to help others in need

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Exode Writing

We have been writing video stories. We were given three stories and I chose Exode, hope you enjoy.

The house was a trembling mess, the walls begin splitting, dust was sprinkled  from the roof. We had to leave. Mother grabbed Little Brother and father assured his parents out. The taste of dust wandered around in my mouth, what a taste. As we ran out around the corner we suddenly fell to the ground then were flown into the sky to land with a thud, what was happening? We came across a cluster of other villagers who had an injured child who was being carried by back. We saw hills collapsing to the floor of the earth, the smell of old musty sandstone was all around us.
Everyone had now gathered together, the chief and wise men gathered to come to a decision, they had to leave their home. We wandered forward wondering what would come across ahead on their path. Our shadows were in front of us, night must be dawning. As our only light source slowly crept away, the noise of the animals grew stronger until we found a solitaire cub on the path. His parents must have been near, we had to go back. Once out of the bush, we turned around and went onward.
Wolf’s howls echoed through the canyons, Crickets flew all about us, clicking and buzzing about. After all the trudging around we finally came to an edge, but what was the edge for?, there was no cliff in sight forward on. The men gathered again to decide if we should go down this hill/cliff, it was not to steep but many elderly would get suck. Chief leaned over the edge with his men holding him back, just trying to see what was down there and hoping there was another ruote, then all of a sudden, a tremendous bird swooped down and plucked him up as if he was an unwanted hair on an arm. The bird had flown out of sight and fog was building up around us. A ghostly feeling was within the area.


Wednesday, 21 March 2018

My Advanced Google Draw

I've been working on descriptive writing and this is what I have wrote about.
My advanced google draw

Related imageHave you heard of a advanced google draw?
Well i’m going to describe mine that I have created with you.

For my advanced google draw I chose to copy a parrot. Parrots are very humorous because they copie whatever you say and make such a racket (“polly wants a cracker, ruuhh”). I chose the parrot because I could see the range of different colours were clearly set out in different places and the tints and shades of the rough but silky feathers. I had thought it would be challenging enough. Some parts were quite difficult because they were very hard to define but it was very fun.

I had first started off with the detailed body outline then I started to outline the colours. To make my own range of mixed colours, I went to the the little quadrilateral (Next to the outline pen) And went into gradient. I chose the main colour I wanted then I went back in and clicked on custom. I would say this task was quite confusing but I had got there in the end.

A way to get a practically the full outline I drew over top of the original outline then moved it into detail.


I would rate google draw a 7/10 for this task because once you know what tools to work with then it can get easier but if you didn’t know, it would take a lot of your time. I wish they would show simple, little example videos.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

All About Me 2018

I have not done much sorry but will update it.